Celebrity politicians are a sign of our political decline

by Cas Mudde (theguardian.com, 10 January 2018)

When Oprah Winfrey gave a blistering speech of women’s empowerment at the Golden Globes, pundits went into overdrive speculating that she might run for office. Media networks are now dreaming of a 2020 presidential race between Donald Trump and Oprah.oprah-obama-clinton Continue reading

From Box Office to Ballot Box: 10 Celebrity Politicians

by Michael Ray (retrieved 7 March, 2016, britannica.com)

The transition from the red carpet to the halls of power has been a smooth one for many politicians. Name recognition puts celebrities a step ahead of potential competitors, and success as an entertainer, be it on screen, on stage, or on the athletic field, brings with it no small amount of credibility.Reagan Continue reading