Joan Baez, “The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti – Part 2”


Father, yes I am a prisoner / Fear not to relay my crime / The crime is loving the forsaken / Only silence is shame

And now I’ll tell you what’s against us / An art that’s lived for centuries / Go through the years and you will find / What’s blackened all of History

Against us is the law with its immensity of strength and power / Against us is the law! / Police know how to make a man a guilty or an innocent / Against us is the power of police! / The shameless lies that men have told will ever more be paid in gold / Against us is the power of the gold! / Against us is racial hatred and the simple fact that we are poor

My father dear, I am a prisoner / Don’t be ashamed to tell my crime / The crime of love and brotherhood / And only silence is shame

With me I have my love, my innocence, the workers and the poor / For all of this I’m safe and strong and hope is mine / Rebellion, revolution don’t need dollars, they need this instead / Imagination, suffering, light and love and care for every human being / You never steal, you never kill you are a part of strength and life / The revolution goes from man to man and heart to heart / And I sense when I look at the stars that we are children of life, death is small

[By Joan Baez – Ennio Morricone © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. – Universal Music Publishing Group, 1971]