Jackson Browne, “Lawyers in love”


I can’t keep up with what’s been going on / I think my heart must just be slowing down / Among the human beings in their designer jeans / Am I the only one who hears the screams / And the strangled cries of lawyers in love

God sends his spaceships to America, the beautiful / They land at six o’clock and there we are, the dutiful / Eating from T.V. trays, tuned in to Happy Days / Waiting for World War III while Jesus slaves / To the mating calls of lawyers in love

Last night I watched the news from Washington, the Capitol / The Russians escaped while we weren’t watching them, like Russians will / Now we’ve got all this room, we’ve even got the Moon / And I hear the U.S.S.R. will be open soon / As vacation land for lawyers in love, lawyers in love

[By Jackson Browne © Night Kitchen Music / Asylum Records, 1983]

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