Simple Minds, “Mandela day”


It was 25 years they take that man away / Now the freedom moves in closer every day / Wipe the tears down from your saddened eyes / They say Mandela’s free so step outside

Oh oh oh oh Mandela day / Ooh ooh ooh ooh Mandela’s free

It was 25 years ago this very day / Held behind four walls all through night and day / Still the children know the story of that man / And we know what’s going on right through your land / 25 years ago

Na na na na Mandela day / Oh oh oh Mandela’s free

If the tears are flowing wipe them from your face / I can feel his heartbeat moving deep inside / It was 25 years they took that man away / And now the world come down say Nelson Mandela’s free

Oh oh oh oh Mandela’s free…

[By James Kerr – Charles Burchill – Michael Joseph MacNeil © A&M, 1989]

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